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CEMA's Privacy Policy
CEMA respects each individualís right to personal privacy. We will collect and use information through our Internet site only in the ways disclosed in this statement. This statement applies solely to information collected at the CEMA Internet site. By accessing the CEMA Internet site, your acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy is implied.

The CEMA Internet site does not engage in E-Commerce. Certain items of official CEMA merchandise are available for purchase by CEMA MEMBERS ONLY but we do not accept credit card payments or request any other financial information from individuals placing an order for merchandise. We do not request any financial information, either on the Internet site or through Email.

This Privacy Policy may be revised from time-to-time. Whenever this policy is changed, a notice to that effect will be placed on the CEMA "Home" page.

IP Address Use
Overview: As with most web sites, our server logs all traffic by the IP address of each user. The IP address information that we log is used for server administration and demographic reporting. No personal information is associated with an IP address in the server logs.

Users of the Members Only Discussion Forum: Your User Name and IP address are stored in the Discussion Forum database and can be viewed only the Discussion Board Administrator. The sole purpose of collecting this information is to prevent abuse of the Discussion Forum.

Personal Information
CEMA Members: Members of the Chrysler Employee Motorsport Association are requested to provide Email address(es), a mailing address and other personal information so that (1) membership privileges can be verified and (2) we may effectively communicate with the membership population. This information is not shared with any other entity.

Event Registrants: When an individual registers for participation in a CEMA event (for example, a car show) certain personal information is collected (1) for statistical purposes which are reported in the aggregate; (2) to satisfy liability requirements; (3) so that we may communicate with event participants. No personal information about event participants is shared with any other entity.

Email Addresses
We never sell or rent your name / Email address(es) to on-line marketers for any product or service. The CEMA Email distribution lists are used only (1) to communicate club-related information to the membership population; (2) to communicate event information to currently-registered event participants; (3) to notify previous event participants about upcoming CEMA events open to the public (such as the annual Car Show).

External Site Links
CEMA provides links to other automotive-enthusiast Internet sites. These links are provided as a courtesy to visitors to the CEMA Internet site; the content and privacy policies of non-CEMA Internet sites are the responsibility of their respective owners. Links to non-CEMA Internet sites should not be considered an endorsement by the officers and members of CEMA of the content, privacy policies, and products and / or services contained in the non-CEMA Internet sites.

Privacy Policy Questions
If questions arise, users may contact CEMA at the following address:

P.O. Box 4493
Troy, MI 48099-4493